This is the ultimate instrument microphone kit for studio/live performing. With the D5400 DUAL KIT for double bass, you will be ready for any studio or live challenge.

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High definition condenser microphones with superior feedback suppression and high isolation of nearby instruments.

What’s in the box

1 x D5400 (double bass mic)
1 x D5400LB (double bass mic)

Needs 48 Volt of Phantom Power


With Built-In Windshield

All microphones for strings have a built-in windshield, which is designed to drastically reduce wind noise in open air performances. The windshield is placed inside the microphone and is therefore invisible and non-removable. With the built-in windshield, you do not need to add any other windshields to your microphone. The built-in windshield does not change the quality of the microphone or sound quality in general.



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The String Quartet kit

Zestaw składający się z:

2x V5200 (do skrzypiec)
1x B5201 (do altówki)
1x C5300 (do wiolonczeli)