EQ 65

Eventide’s EQ65 equalizer is a faithful recreation of the famous studio tool, the Urei 565 Filter Set. This two-band notch/band pass filter set allows you to quickly find a specific frequency and perform a boost or cut of the signal. It’s a precision tool that allows you to surgically control or completely eliminate selected frequencies in an audio recording.

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The Problem Solving Equalizer

  • Eliminate undesirable signals such as hums and whistles.
  • Subtly shape the tonality of a voice or single instrument with rich harmonic content.
  • Filter out hum and noise in video post-production.
  • Use the precise control and flexibility to simulate distorted phone lines, radio voices and other special effects.

    EQ 65 Plug-in screen shot


  • Analog circuit model of the Urei 565 filter set.
  • Powerful 36 dB/octave High Pass and Low Pass filters
  • Two additional filters configurable as Band Pass or Notch.
  • Use Band Pass to find unwanted frequencies or resonances and then switch to Notch to control them.
  • Designated frequencies can be precisely controlledby using the notch filters with the depth controls.
  • Powerful, Hi Q Notch filter with sufficient rejection to entirely filter out single sine waves.
  • Perform radical phase sweeps with extreme tonal shifts.
  • Several instrument and special effect presets to help with the most popular tasks.
Currently the EQ65 plug-in is only available to those who own Anthology XI or who are Ensemble susbscribers.

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