3D LCD Monitor: G240M


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Key Features
    • MIRACUBE MFX 3D Engine :
      MIRACUBE MFX3D Engine supports Frame Sequential, Side by Side, Top & Bottom and Interlaced formats. The MIRACUBE MFX Engine is built in to provide a powerful & active 3D display. No requirement for extra hardware or software.
    • World’s largest 3-D solution line-ups :
      Miracube has a complete 3D solution for a variety of industries. Miracube has 3D monitors, 3D filming equipment and 3D projection systems.
    • Switchable between 2d and 3d :
      All of our monitors can be switched between 2D and 3D simply by pushing a button.A second 2D monitor becomes obsolete. Just use the 3D mode for your stereoscopic 3D content, and switch back to 2D for all your normal 2D applications.
    • High resolution and wide viewing angles :
      Our monitors offer high resolution images – also in 3D! And a unique filter technology allows for extra wide viewing angles for multiple viewers and comfortable viewing. Passive glasses let you enjoy also long viewing periods and eye-fatigue a thing of the past.
    • Eco-technology AL case:
      The Recyclable aluminum case is environment-friendly
    • A certified system for a global market :
      Our monitors have CE, FCC and MIC certifications. Every 3D monitor of ours complies with ROHS regulations
  • Range of applications for our 3D display solutions
    • Design Visualization : Architecture ,Machinery ,Building ,Product Design
    • GIS Data Visualization : GIS ,Environment ,Landscape ,Urban Design
    • Medical/BIO Visualization : Biology ,Medical Science ,Life Science ,Chemistry
    • Product Presentation : Automobile ,Heavy Industries ,Aviation/Ship ,PR/Exhibition


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