Aurora 5 file-based QC

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Aurora 5 is the next generation of automated file-based QC product that represents a significant leap forward for file-based quality control, moving it significantly ahead of other products in its class in a number of important areas…

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Analyze Faster:

Aurora 5 is the first file-based QC product to have the ability to dynamically allocate threads across a user-specified number of CPU cores, enabling performance and scalability in high density virtual and blade environments. Using high CPU allocation or a lower CPU allocation combined with Aurora 5’s unique GPU accelerated processing capability, QC throughput approaching wireline limits can be achieved, rather than being constrained by a legacy decoding and testing architecture.

Analyze More:

Hydra allows you to select any program, video essence track, audio essence track or ancillary/text available in the container. Use the audio service map to assign a layout to your mono or AES wrapped audio tracks to ensure that you are hearing the program you desire. Visualize your audio and metadata, and see your caption / subtitles / text on the video, including subtitles side-car support.

Fast Manual Review:

Integrated with Aurora QC, Hydra becomes an all event driven player. Simply click on Aurora QC test report issues and be taken directly to the exact frame, with the ability to jog and shuttle to review the issue. Open the Hydra Review Bar and you can enter your QC decisions and add annotations, all of which is added to the Aurora QC XML Report.

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