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OnTheAir Video DV

OnTheAir Video DV is the FireWire version of OnTheAir Video. Instead of playing out through a PCI card, as OnTheAir Video does, OnTheAir Video DV uses the FireWire port of your Mac to output the video. you just need to connect a FireWire converter, camera or deck to the Firewire port, and you are ready to air. It means that OnTheAir Video DV can run on simple laptops and MacMini. It is consuming very low processor speed, so you can run other things at the same time.

OnTheAir Video DV can be used for automated playout using its own scheduler or it can serve as a clip store for live news operations, local broadcast or live shows. Schedules can be created weeks in advance.

One of the main difference with OnTheAir Video is that OnTheAir Video DV only supports DV stream files, where OnTheAir video support most Quicktime codecs. See the comparison chart between the 2 products.

OnTheAir Video DV is an open solution. It does not require any proprietary hardware as it uses the FireWire ports of your Mac to output the playout. Its playlists are XML based meaning that they can be created by an external automation application. OnTheAir Video also supports GPI, and external Actions via AppelScript.

No need to be a computer specialist to run your own TV station! Simply create a few playlists using video files exported from Final Cut Pro (or any editing software) and you'll be broadcasting in minutes!

OnTheAir Video DV can integrate with OnTheAir Video CG which is a complex Character Generator. OnTheAir Video CG can handle simultaneously various tickers, animated image sequences, clocks or shapes. See the OnTheAir Video CG product page for more info.


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