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VidiGo Graphics™ is the only broadcast solution with native Adobe® Flash® rendering. A unique feature that brings unlimited possibilities for the creation of dynamic, interactive broadcast graphics.

Adobe’s “Flash Professional” provides a familiar authoring environment for the design and development of graphics and animations. This industry-leading platform reduces the time to create graphics, adding flexibility in developing and trying out new show formats.

Once loaded in VidiGo Graphics, there are no limits to the powerful interactive properties of Adobe Flash and Action Script. Loading XML data and graphics from online sources is a well-known feature that is fully supported when Flash is used in VidiGo Graphics. In addition to connecting to external data sources, separate Adobe Flash movies can be created to function as a graphical control interface that is used during broadcast to operate the on-air graphics.

VidiGo Graphics is created to provide an environment for automation and easy control of interactive broadcast graphics. By simplifying operation, VidiGo Graphics helps reduce overhead and lower production costs.

Real-time rendering gives freedom to manipulate graphics during live production. Developers can create a control panel, also developed in Flash, or connect the main movie to real-time online data sources.

The control panels are on-screen user interfaces to control the graphics in the main movie. This control panel can be designed exactly to the requirements of the show’s director to provide an easy to use interface for on-air operation.

With the click of a button, operators can change a title, show or hide a specific graphics and update the live score of a sporting event or election.

Anything that can be created in Adobe Flash, can be controlled on-air.

In addition to rendering Flash content, VidiGo Graphics has capabilities to capture desktop content from applications such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® or web browsers. Simply select part of your desktop or let VidiGo Graphics detect all available windows and screens and select what to output to your SDI broadcast signal. When capturing desktop content, real-time scaling, cropping and keying provide a flexible alternative to scan converters.

VidiGo Graphics features
  • Flash Graphics - Native rendering of Adobe® Flash® directly into your live broadcast workflow. Animate bitmaps, vectors and text to create real-time broadcast graphics.
  • Interactive - Connect your Flash graphics to online data sources or create a control panel in Flash to manipulate your on-air graphics.
  • Quality - VidiGo Graphics supports alpha transparency and anti-aliasing properties of Adobe Flash.
  • Software only - VidiGo Graphics runs on standard PC hardware. A Microsoft® Windows® workstation with NVIDIA graphics card and free PCI slot is all you need to run VidiGo Graphics.
  • Compatible - VidiGo Graphics is shipped with a DekTec DAT-2145 PCI or PCI-Express SDI card to provide a reliable and tested combination.
  • Usable in existing infrastructure - VidiGo Graphics connects to your existing equipment using a broadcast standard SDI fill and key signal.
  • Templates and examples - VidiGo Graphics comes with loads of Adobe Flash templates and examples, showing numerous possibilities such as animations, games, RSS news tickers and YouTube players.
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