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VidiGo Works provides an efficient operational workflow for the management of audio visual assets and their associated files. With automated background tasks and easy-to-use interfaces at the desktop, operators can ingest, search, preview, edit and distribute content with ease.

Local ingest

Locally ingest content from SDI or Firewire, or select locally stored files. Add metadata while ingest is progress. Configure automated processes to ingest content arriving in local file locations, or pull content from third-party systems using FTP feeds.

Automated content management

Automatic management of ingested media and metadata by the central server, including the encoding of content and the creation of proxy files and thumbnails.

Easy search, browse & retrieve

Perform simple and advanced searches for content with extremely fast response times, and preview content at the desktop.

Simple editing

Perform basic non-linear multilayer editing from the desktop, previewing in real-time using low-resolution proxies, with server side rendering of high-resolution content.

Distribute content

Automate the delivery of content using hotfolders with specified distribution profiles, including encoding settings and FTP location. Metadata is exported from the database and distributed as XML files alongside the multi-media data.


The VidiGo family products are highly versatile, delivering benefits to any producer of broadcast quality content. VidiGo Works is no exception. The ability to search and browse existing content, ingest new content, add metadata and perform basic edits all from the user desktop are essential features.

Fast access to content

Browse and search through millions of assets and preview content directly in the catalogue browser with impressive response times. The central catalogue stores audio, video, graphics and all other associated documents.

Collaborative tools

Project based collaboration features optimize daily production routines. Share and assign projects to colleagues, set deadlines and monitor progress. Apply authorisation rules to give permissions to different roles and departments to perform different tasks.

Basic editing

The desktop editor is fast, easy to learn and simple to use. The editor comes with all the fundamental features needed for basic day-to-day video production. The editor has a real-time preview using low-resolution proxy files with server side rendering of high-resolution content.

Remote operation

Work with staff in regional offices, at home or even a hotel room. By making use of Internet network technology, all features of the desktop application are available from any Internet connected workstation.

Multi-format output

Distribution and encoding profiles make publishing easier and more manageable than ever. VidiGo Works supports all the key industry file format standards, including those for new mobile formats and flexible mobile production.


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