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MovieRecorder DV provide Apple Macintosh users with powerful and cost effective ingest capabilities as well as multi-station ingest control.

Users very often need their media to be “edit-ready” even while the event that is being recorded continues. MovieRecorder DV allows users to either schedule recordings for later use or edits, to record them interactively and to edit clips while they are being captured, for example using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

What’s the difference between Movie Recorder and MovieRecorder DV?

MovieRecorder DV is designed for users of DV and does not support formats other than DV. MovieRecorder DV will work with cameras, tape decks and live feeds and can accept multiple inputs. If you need more formats or more inputs/outputs flexibility like SDI input, you can choose MovieRecorder (note that it’s not DV). The difference is that it can record a maximum of two inputs, and can not work on a MacBook Pro as it uses a PCI-express Card, but it supports more video formats. Also there is no Pro option for MovieRecorder DV and thus it will not be able to control a VTR, nor add metadata.

  • Ingest using FireWire ports
  • Maximum 2 ingest per Mac with built in FireWire ports. More when FireWire buses are added
  • Edit-While-Ingest
  • Crash recording or scheduled weekly recordings
  • Multichannel Remote Control

    MovieRecorder Control is an application that is supplied with MovieRecorder. It allows yhe user to monitor and control one or more networked ingest stations from one workstation freeing up resources in any suite.

    Moreover, with MovieRecorder control, you can do gang recording: imagine you have several feeds incoming at the same time. With the gang recording mode, you can start several MovieRecorder applications all at the same time and keep them perfectly synchronized.

    VTR Control and Batch Capture

    Unlike manual capture, where you just play your tape and press the start button when you get to a point you want to start capturing, batch capture is a much more controlled process. You can type in the start and end timecode values numerically and control precisely what will be captured. You might do this if you have logged your tape and decided which clips to capture offline and don't want to capture everything that is on the tape.


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