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Using the same intuitive, easy-to-use interface as all ToolsOnAir products, just:in provides for single or multi-camera video capture in standard Apple QuickTime MOV and MXF container formats.


just:in delivers the professional-quality video and audio ingest you expect in a broadcast environment. The result is pristine quality video ingest, combined with an intuitive user interface.


just:in is designed to deliver 24/7 deployment in mission-critical broadcast environments.


just:in's customizable setup easily adapts to the constantly shifting requirements of today's time-sensitive broadcast environment. Customizable presets enable operators to quickly switch between commonly used setups.

just:in single features
  • Designed for single-channel use on a single machine
  • QuickTime MOV support for DV, DVCPro25/50, IMX30/40/50, DVCPro HD, Apple ProRes
  • MXF support for IMX 30/40/50 (SMPTE 386M), DV PAL, DVCPRO HD (SMPTE 383M), Uncompressed SD/HD (SMPTE 384M)
  • VTR control over RS-422 and Firewire
  • Edit-while-recording support in Final Cut Pro with QuickTime MOV and MXF (including crash record with undefined duration)
  • Batch digitizing
  • Crash and Scheduled recording
  • Preview window and audio controls
  • Post-production naming procedure
just:in multi features
  • Designed for ingest of multiple (up to eight streams) of SD or HD video into a single Mac Pro (hardware dependent: RAID/SAN and ingest cards)
  • Provides simultaneous batch capture, crash record and/or scheduled capture of mixed SD and HD sources.
  • Provides simultaneous live or batch capture of multiple cameras from a multi-capture shoot
  • Supports capture from new dual-head Matrox, AJA and BMD cards, multiple cards in a single machine, or multiple Telestream Pipeline boxes connected via Ethernet
  • Supports network control of multiple ingest workstations.
Key features
  • Apple QuickTime MOV or MXF OP1a container capture
  • Frees up Final Cut Pro interface, allowing the editor to continue doing other work during capture (requires fast RAID array)
  • Enables you to create a low cost Ingest-only workstation
  • Available for single or multi-machine setups
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Supports hardware from AJA, Black Magic Design, Matrox and Telestream
System requirements
  • Apple Mac Pro Intel (MacPro 3.1GHz or higher)
  • Minimum of 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Administrator account)
  • VTR-control over IEEE1394 or RS-422
  • Matrox, AJA, or Blackmagic Design video interface cards (consult manual)
Supported Codecs:
  • DV
  • DV Stream
  • DVCPro25/50
  • DVCam
  • IMX 30/40/50
  • ProRes and ProRes HQ
  • MXF
  • HDV
  • ProRes and ProRes HQ


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