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Cineform NeoHD

Optimized for independent film, videography, and broadcast HD projects, NeoHD delivers unmatched workflow efficiency through its real-time performance plus the industry’s highest visual fidelity compression. Whether your project is intended for film, television, Blu-RAY, DVD, or Internet distribution, Neo HD will deliver a higher-quality result with unmatched workflow efficiency and cross-platform compatibility.

With versions for both Windows and Mac, CineForm’s NeoHD delivers a real-time HD digital intermediate workflow that is compatible with most NLEs — including from Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony — enabling cross-platform compatibility for editing and effects applications that has never before existed. A CineForm workflow begins by first converting your HD camera file-based sources into CineForm media which becomes the new master format for the remainder of your workflow. CineForm Intermediate compression is acclaimed for its high visual fidelity which is used routinely as the mastering format for 2D and 3D film, televison, and archive workflows. NeoHD also includes the First Light application to allow non-destructive primary color correction plus text and graphics overlays without flattening those adjustments into the underlying video layer. This is accomplished through First Light's Active Metadata™ architecture that ensures compatibility with all QuickTime and AVI applications. NeoHD also includes HD Link (Win) and ReMaster (Mac) which convert virtually all HD camera or file sources into CineForm HD files.

With Neo HD you get:
  • The Industry’s Best Compression: CineForm’s respected CineForm Intermediate compression format is designed for extremely high visual quality through post production. CineForm files are always 10 bits in precision and are visually equivalent to uncompressed sources — but they weigh in at about 15% of the file size of uncompressed HD.
  • Cross-Platform compatibility: CineForm files are compatible on both Windows and Mac with your preferred software applications from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Sony, and virtually any other DirectShow (AVI) or QuickTime (MOV) application. Create on one platform, share on the other, even with distributed editing workflows. CineForm provides a free decoder on both Win and Mac to easily share content.
  • First Light™: non-destructive, real-time primary color correction application for CineForm media plus text, graphics, and tools overlays. First Light works in parallel with your editing and effects software, and maintains color adjustments and overlays as Active Metadata™ with your media — all processed in real time so you never need to render, and consequently you never clip highlights. First Light color adjustments are immediately visible in any application that calls a CineForm file.
  • HD Link/ReMaster: file conversion and image processing application converts most camera or file-based source formats into 10-bit CineForm Intermediate HD files while also performing valuable tasks such as telecine removal, deinterlacing, spatial resampling, and much more. Enables true 24p editing workflows from most HD sources. ReMaster on Mac also supports ProRes as a destination format.
  • 3D Editing: create and edit CineForm 3D files, the industry's most common 3D editorial format. Adjust convergence, camera zoom disparity, stereo color adjustment, add 3D titles and graphics overlays, and more.
NeoHD v5 is now in production on both Windows and Mac and adds the following features above v4:
  • support for Adobe CS5 Windows (CS5 Mac support in July)
  • compatibility with Avid Media Composer v5 on Win and Mac
  • (even) more editing performance to your CineForm files
  • 3D editing features in First Light
  • 2D/3D titles and graphics overlays in First Light
  • Pan and scan feature in First Light
  • keyframeability of color corrections, overlays, and framing in First Light
  • Tools (histogram, waveform, scopes) and metadata (timecode, etc) overlays in First Light

NOTE: Some minor feature differences exist between the Windows and Mac versions of Neo HD. Please verify features in the Trial download prior to purchase.


Included software components

  • CineForm 2D and 3D codec with Active Metadata processor
    • Win: DirectShow, Video for Windows (VfW), and QuickTime components installed
    • Mac: QuickTime components installed
  • First Light. End-user application that runs in parallel with your preferred NLE or effects sotware to adjust Active Metadata color parameters, 3D adjustments, and text/graphics overlays on CineForm media.
  • HD Link (Windows) or ReMaster (Mac). End-user application to manage file capture and conversion to CineForm files. Allows selection of image pre-processing algorithms during conversion (spatial resampling, telecine removal, and much more).
  • Command-Line Converters (Windows). Command-line conversion utilities for conversion of greater-than-HD resolution content into CineForm files, including:
    • R2CF: Convert from Red R3D media into CineForm files
    • VR2CF: Convert from Phantom (Vision Research) RAW files and CineForm files
    • DPX2CF and CF2DPX: Convert between DPX or TIFF files and CineForm media
      Note1: NeoHD limits the size of CineForm media created to 1920x1080 4:2:2
      Note2: Red R3D and DPX conversions on Mac are performed in ReMaster
Neo4K Feature Specification
  • OS Compatibility:
    • Mac: OS 10.5 or later
    • Win: Windows XP /Vista /7 (either 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • CineForm compression with embedded Active Metadata processing
  • Windows: DirectShow, Video for Windows (VfW), and QuickTime compatible with all video applications that support these interfaces.
  • Mac: QuickTime compatible with all video applications that supports QuickTime.
  • Application Compatibility: Most AVI/MOV compatible editing and effects applications including:
    • Final Cut Pro (Mac)
    • Adobe CS3 / CS4 / CS5 (Mac release July 2010)
    • Avid Media Composer v5
    • Sony Vegas 7 / 8 / 9
  • Spatial resolution: Up to 1920x1080
  • File Compatibility: MOV, AVI
  • Chroma Format:10-bit 4:2:2
  • OpenGL display support for timeline and First Light monitoring (Windows only)
  • HD-SDI/HDMI monitoring support in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro: through AJA Kona LHi (drivers supplied by AJA)
  • HD-SDI/HDMI Direct-to-Disk Recording: See HD Link/ReMaster below
  • Media Sharing with others: Free CineForm decoder with Active Metadata processor available for download on both Windows and Mac
    • Real-time Full framerate playout as user-selectable 2D or 3D format
    • Real-time Active Metadata processing for color adjustments and 3D controls
    • Some feature differences between different NLEs and platforms:
      • FCP/Mac: Kona is recommended for playback for improved performance.
      • PPro/Win: Xena not yet supported for through the PPro timeline in CS4, but it is supported for CS3.
    • During render CineForm 3D files are properly recreated
First Light Application

First Light is included with NeoHD and becomes an important part of your CineForm workflow. NeoHD operates in parallel with your editing or effects software, and provides real-time, non-destructive adjustments for 3D controls, primary 2D/3D color correction, and overlays. First Light adjustments are implemented as Active Metadata, which means all adjustments are made non-destructively as a "layer" on top of the underlying video. Active Metadata is implemented in a manner that is compatible with all AVI and MOV NLEs and effects applications. First Light also supports the Tangent Wave 3-ball control surface as an alternative to using software sliders to make image adjustments.

LUT Package

In a separate download, CineForm provides a package of 34 64x64x64 3D LUTs ("Looks") for use with First Light.

HD Link (Windows) or ReMaster (Mac)

HD Link and ReMaster are included with Neo3D for conversion of media into and out of CineForm master files. HD Link and ReMaster convert most all camera or file-based sources into CineForm media. Includes numerour image pre-processing algorithms that can be applied during conversion spatial resampling, telecine removal, and much more.


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