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PFPrep's feature set has been designed to facilitate the maximum flexibility of use within a facility.

From an effective workhorse for high volume throughput Dust Busting and Grain Management, to an assist station for PFClean for enhanced productivity, all the way up to a full Dailies system with a feature rich toolset for producing an extensive range of deliverables, PFPrep is an essential utility for any production facility involved in:

  • Digital Intermediate (DI)
  • Longform Television
  • Motion Picture Digital Mastering
  • MPEG pre-processing
  • Restoration and Remastering
  • Commercials and Music videos
  • Standards Conversion
  • RED Camera workflow
PFPrep for DI

PFPrep has a concise but powerful toolset for DI clean up. Each tool has been selected to specifically fit the needs of the DI pipeline. Auto Dirt and Dust and Auto De-spot allow the artist to effectively and efficiently clean the dirt and artifacts from the film prior to the grading process. For even greater control and flexibility, PFPrep includes Manual Dirt and Grain and Noise Management. Similar to the non-linear, non-destructive workflow of PFClean, no fix is ever permanent; each effect can be deleted or modified later, all that is required is a quick reprocess to update final output.

PFPrep is built on an open design, allowing tight scripting routines to link to scanners and other ingest devices. A true non-linear collaborative workflow can be established allowing creative discussions to be made throughout the production process with far less impact on production economics and timescale than is the case in many current pipelines. In short you can work faster and work smarter.

It also provides a new license option: the ability to link directly with FilmLight's Baselight grading application. The workflow has been designed to allow footage to be graded within BaseLight, while simultaneously being processed within PFPrep. This allows dust busting and restoration to be carried out on the same footage while grading and finishing is taking place.

PFPrep for Dailies and Editorial

Starting at Pre-Production and all the way through to Deliverables, effective Dailies and editorial control is an essential facet of a facility workflow. Able to manage the entire Dailies production process, PFPrep works from ingest to delivery, with a full range of editorial tools. The high resolution playback engine enables realtime playback of 2K and 4K files without conversion, for dailies review. PFPrep's powerful export tools allows the flexibility to cross convert broadcast and film standards, provide edit proxys and to burn in time code.

PFPrep in Film Restoration

PFPrep can effectively work as an assist station to PFClean, allowing the PFClean operators to offload the heavy processing of many automatic effects to PFPrep. Effect Stacks saved in PFClean can be imported by PFPrep for batch processing, freeing up the system resources of PFClean for other restoration and remastering work.


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