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PFSilo owes its creation to the software architecture of PFClean, which from its inception since 2004 was structured as a meta data driven non-destructive workflow, a unique characteristic of the software over competitors. PFSilo essentially leverages this unique feature of PFClean, facilitating a number of restoration artists to work collaboratively on restoration projects. This is achieved by enabling them to work on remotely centralised media while only making set up decisions in metadata. The metadata then effects changes to the centralised media.

PFSilo is the natural way for PFClean to develop and grow from a standalone application into a completely scalable, modular digital restoration environment. Toby Glover, Head of Digital Lab Services, Ascent Media - London

PFSilo, in conjunction with PFClean, allows a number of restoration artists to work on a single film at the same time by providing simple-to-administer project management and asset handling tools. Using a client to database relationship, project managers and producers can efficiently and securely administer and manage workloads for restoration artists, while also managing deadlines and deliverables from a comprehensive yet simple to understand interface.

Using the PFSilo Producer application, project assets are allocated to PFClean clients. Each PFClean client then caches the allocated clip via PFSilo to the client workstation to then carry out the restoration tasks. Once the restoration tasks are completed, a metadata file is created which is checked back to PFSilo. The Metadata instantaneously becomes available to PFSilo Producer for review and approval. Once approved, PFSilo then allocates processing resources which then use the Metadata to process the original clips and output the restored deliverables.

Asset Management and Control

When working within a PFSilo restoration workflow environment, enhanced asset security is availed by virtue of the fact that restoration clients only have visibility of those assets allocated to carry out a given restoration task. The main body of assets are effectively obscured from the restoration clients. Further security levels may be set to clear local client caches upon completion of the allocated restoration task and/or when restoration artist logs out.

Project Management

Specific restoration tasks are allocated within the PFSilo environment via PFSilo Producer client to PFClean and/or PFPrep clients. Assets and tasks can be tracked for performance management, cost management and billing purposes for better budget control. This provides producers with a far greater control over restorations project workflows previously not possible. This is an industry first and technology unique to The Pixel Farm

Hardware Resource Efficiencies

Restoration workstations can be less demanding "Light Client" hardware. PFClean and/or PFPrep licenses reside on less demanding hardware than in more typical workflows where expensive high performing individual workstations are used as the restoration client. PFSilo manages processed deliverables via centralised CPU nodes remote from restoration workstations. PFSilo can work within existing facility infrastructures, incorporating existing facility SAN/NAS asset storage and networking.

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