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SW04/08-G2 switch


SW04/08-G2 switch

SW04/08-G2 switch

The ExaSAN Compact is designed as a complete solution suitable for 3 to 8 editors in a workgroup to share the same storage volume and perform collaborative workflow. The small footprint design of SW04/08-G2 system allows you to place it on your desktop. It’s easy to expand the bandwidth and capacity with Accusys PCIe storage systems.

The maximun 30Gb bandwidth and 216TB storage capacity allows users to work with multiple streams of uncompressed HD or 2K DPX video clips. The cost-effective, all-in-one package is easy to deploy with minimal IT expertise.

Prefect Solution for a Small Workgroup

Whether your project covers SD, HD, or 2K format video editing, animation, stereoscopic 3D, Max sound or color grading/ collection, ExaSAN Compact Solution lets you put all of your specific functions, creative functions and work suites all together. And it lets you share the same footage and access one project simultaneously. It supports 4 to 8 hosts work collaboratively and seamlessly apply with Apple, AVID, Adobe and Autodesk Creative Suite and can easily handle work perfectly with bandwidth demanding software, such as DaVinci Resolve, Smoke on Mac, and Assimilate Scratch. The ExaSAN Compact Solution can dramatically increase productivity and let you use the time where is should be used, creativity.

Easy to Deployment

SAN used to be a complex IT subject for general users. It required a high level of technical knowledge for installation, setting up, and maintenance. The ExaSAN Compact Solution makes a SAN easier than ever to set up and to use. Users can and will experience a revelation with the ExaSAN Compact Solution.

1. All you need from one package from one vendor- Shorter set up time compared to FC SAN. 2. The initial cost of an ExaSAN Compact Solution is very affordable compared to Fibrechannel. The cost of Growing bandwidth and capacity as you needs grow is also less expensive than Fibrechannel. 3. Minimal IT skills are required to deploy the ExaSAN Compact solution. 4.A DAS system can be easily upgraded to SAN with SW04/08 Compact switch. The Accusys PCIe based Storage system can be used as DAS or in SAN 5. The ExaSAN Compact Solution provides the highest performance and yet is the most cost efficient SAN solution.

A single shared box, the way to SAN

Most people know that a high bandwidth SAN solution can realize benefits via collaborative workflow, centralized management of their footage, and save time and storage volume. But it is also known as a complex and high cost high end investment The ExaSAN Compact solution is designed to be not only the most affordable, but also an approachable SAN solution. For the user who would like or needs to move forward from DAS to SAN, the ExaSAN Compact Solution is definitely the best choice.

Choose your own ExaSAN Compact Solution

ExaSAN Compact Solution provides flexibility in configuration and expansion. Storage throughput and capacity can grow with your requirements. You can start with DAS solution or choose theSAN storage solution to meet your growing infrastructure demand. Its not necessary to overspend for storage with the ExaSAN Compact. You can manage your storage budgetprecisely.

The SW04-G2 system with a single A08S-PS is the most cost-effective choice of an ExaSAN Compact Solution. Eight hard drives can provide about 750MB/s throughput, it also provides the advantage of portability and high performance.

The SW08-G2 system with 3 units of A24S-PA can be installed with 72 hard drives. Using 3TB hard drives, the maximum capacity can reach 216 TB. This High Capacity Combo provides the best performance and load balancing by using 3 RAID controllers and a large number of hard drives.


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