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More than a thinly featured web app, Active Storage’s rich client application is a powerful, yet easy to use tool - with zero impact on the ActiveRAID performance.

Active Viewer allows you to:
  • Monitor power, fans, Fibre Channel connectivity and system temperatures
  • Receive detailed system information such as up time, rack location and network address
  • Drill down to individual RAID Controller info: firmware level, utilization, even cache memory battery backup health
  • Look up RAID array information, number of arrays and status, for example
  • Reveal Drive information such as number of individual drives and health

By breaking out the daily monitoring tasks from the Admin functions, Active Storage was able to develop a fast, Native Mac OS X viewer providing an at-a-glance view of one or dozens of ActiveRAID systems. With a simple intuitive interface, there is no learning curve to deal with. And because it’s a viewer only, you can’t make a mistake and damage your configuration or destroy your data inadvertently.

Like Active Admin, Active Viewer utilizes the power of Bonjour to make discovery and monitoring of ActiveRAID systems easy. The clean, well-designed interface lets you navigate quickly and drill-down to easily get the information you need. The viewer’s remote capabilities let you monitor systems anywhere in the world as easily as you can monitor in the same room.


Your monitoring experience begins at the main interface. On the left is the ActiveRAID browser window, which gives you a view that is ordered with critical units on top and green status systems below. Across the top is the menu bar that gives you access to all of the individual components that can be monitored via Active Viewer. The main viewer window gives you an immediate, at-a-glance overview of the entire ActiveRAID selected in the browser window.

When you open Active Viewer it automatically discovers the systems on your network without the need to type in an IP address. Remote systems can be monitored worldwide by simply pulling down the RAID menu. To discover and add systems to monitor with Active Viewer if you are on the same subnet as your ActiveRAID, simply add the IP address of the system. Active Viewer will then display a connecting dialog announcement, and the new system will be added to the browser window.

Active Viewer status lights give you a quick status update of every ActiveRAID installed on your system, including an overview of all systems, hard drives, operational temperatures, controllers, drive arrays, power supplies, Fibre Channel status and battery back up systems.

When you select a system, you receive a ‘dashboard’ view of that system’s performance. Similar to a traffic light, green means go or all good, yellow means caution and red means stop or danger – in this case a system or component needs attention. By having color-coded status lights, all relevant information is immediately available for all of the ActiveRAID systems at once. Simple, clear – very Apple Easy.

The Enclosure button on the menu bar at the top of the window allows you to drill down to see the exact status of each RAID controller and the optional Battery Back up in the selected ActiveRAID System.

Selecting the Array button gives you the status of the arrays, allowing you to view the different arrays made up of individual drives. The RAID level, capacity, controller owner, and important Fibre Channel information used in advanced configurations can also be monitored in this window.

Individual drives can also be monitored through the Drive screen. The individual drive tab shows each drive and its status by simply hovering your mouse over a single drive. The level of detail is extensive, right down to the firmware and serial numbers of each drive!

The Fibre Channel button shows the status of the Fibre Channel ports including the type of connection, port speed, worldwide node name and worldwide port name. The UPS button allows you to monitor most popular external UPS systems. This gives you an at-a-glance status of your UPS, with all the information you normally have to obtain from a terminal view window of the UPS. This view not only provides status, but load, and battery condition as well.


The iPhone presented Active Storage with the perfect canvas to reinvent storage management. We call it “Storage Remote Control”. Monitoring your storage remotely was never more convenient or more powerful.

Designed to allow customers to monitor their Active Storage high-performance RAID systems worldwide— directly from their iPhone, this hard-working app has been updated with input from customers who have grown to rely on Active Storage for all of their professional data storage needs.

The Active Storage Active Viewer iPhone app allows the user to:

  • Monitor multiple Active Storage RAID systems at once
  • Get at-a-glance health indicators for each system’s power, fans, Fibre Channel connectivity and system temperatures
  • See detailed system information such as uptime, rack location and network address
  • Drill down to individual RAID Controller information such as firmware level, utilization, and cache memory battery backup health
  • Look up RAID array information such as number of arrays and status
  • Reveal drive information such as number of individual drives and health
  • Works with Wide-Area Bonjour or direct IP addresses
  • Easy to access Information Screen with integrated contact information
  • Support contact options, accessed directly from within component warning screens
  • Ability to call, email or contact our Support Forum in the unlikely event of component failure
  • Diego Buenaño, Partner/Manager of Digital Tree, LLC is a fan:

    The Active Viewer for iPhone is a really convenient way for my clients to keep tabs on their Active RAID systems. It’s another great tool from the guys at Active Storage. I don’t know of any other storage company that has anything like it. ACTIVERAID WIDGET

    Many current Apple storage users we spoke with wanted an even simpler way to monitor their storage on a daily basis. Active Storage developed a simple, yet highly effective Dashboard Widget. The ActiveRAID widget provides an at-a-glance view of your system and utilizes the Growl™ notification system to keep you informed of warnings or failures in real-time. Clicking on a warning or failure opens the Active Viewer automatically allowing you a fine grain view of the event.

    • First - First Native Mac OS X storage management suite - now Windows enabled!
    • Smart - Separate admin and monitoring offer intuitive use and added security
    • Familiar - Simple, intuitive monitoring - zero learning curve
    • Easy - Native Bonjour support to make discovery and monitoring fast and easy
    • Remote - Monitor systems anywhere in the world––from anywhere in the world
    • Exclusive - Storage Remote Control - exclusive iPhone app for remote monitoring
    • Safe - Precise monitoring without fear of damaging configuration or data
    • Immediate - Offers at-a-glance view of a one or dozens of ActiveRAID systems
    • Apple Easy - User-friendly, quick navigation for easy drill-down
    • Active Viewer is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.x and 10.6.x
    • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 version available Summer 2010
    • Separate, individual system monitoring password for maximum security
    • Light-weight client allows quick and responsive monitoring of many ActiveRAID systems from a single computer
    • Single Application monitors ActiveRAID and Innerpool systems
    • User selectable preference for notification by color and shape
    • Active Viewer for iPhone, also compatible with iPod touch and iPad


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