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Innerpool is a self-contained Xsan Metadata Storage Pool on a PCIe card; a pair of internal self-contained Metadata Mirrors in both of your MDCs - satisfying all Metadata storage needs. It features redundant power, redundant cooling and redundant storage - with no redundant rack space. Better still, it can improve overall SAN performance up to 20%. Enjoy increased flexibility in SAN design, with maximized RAID system Fibre Channel performance – get all the storage you’ve paid for.


Since the first Xsan deployments, users have asked for a better way to store Metadata.They wanted a more efficient option than using their expensive media-optimized storagefor small, non-media Metadata files.

Unfortunately, Metadata is extremely important and must be both fast and protected. So IT professionals begrudgingly gave up valuable storage space. Faster, more modern RAID systems made the performance hit “livable”, but no one was satisfied with the situation, and users constantly sought a better solution.

Modern deployments made the problem even orse—higher capacity Hard Drives meant giving up more and more expensive storage, and media Optimized RAID 5 & 6 are not compatible – mirrors are the only solution.

Clients asked us for a 1U solution for Metadata storage – but it’s not practical. You still need redundant power, cooling, and RAID controllers. Not only do you lose rack space, but a 1U fully protected RAID simply isn’t cost-efficient.

Some systems such as the Apple Xserve RAID require half of your storage to be dedicated to Metadata – a very inefficient and costly deployment.

Innerpool is an innovative and fresh way to take charge of your SAN deployments. Innerpool delivers high performance mirrored RAID storage for Metadata volumes, yet is small enough to fit in an Xserve and Mac Pro.


Innerpool installs easily in either Xserve or a Mac Pro primary and secondary Metadata servers. Simply connect one Fibre Channel port from each Innerpool to your Fibre Channel network - then the second port Fibre Channel port to the secondcard. That’s it. Boot the systems and launch the Active Storage Admin application.

The systems are automatically discovered via Bonjour - or you can enter the IP address of the host systems. Select which system is Primary, which is Secondary then click ‘Pair Systems’.

The two systems do all the necessary drive preparation - they format the volumes and set all the options for highest performance. Finally, the two systems mirror each other across the Fibre Channel link so that they are ready in case of Metadata controllable failover.

  • RAID Levels - 0, 1
  • LUN Support - Auto-configuring for optimal metadata performance
  • Redundant – Full on-Card mirror and Card-to-Card mirror with seamless failover and failback
  • SMART reporting
  • Configurations
  • Dual 2.5” 7200RPM SATA II Hard Disks or Solid State Disks per Innerpool™ Card
  • Custom RAID controller, 2GB cache per Card mirrored across Fibre Channel Interlink
  • Primary System Features; redundant 4Gb Fibre and Interlink ports, cache - Flush battery on-board for seamless failover/shutdown, independent management/ monitoring
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box support on Mac OS X v10.5.x and v10.6.x
  • Guided setup assistance can be used to optimize configuration of a pair in a single location, or multiple pairs in single or multiple locations
  • 128 Bit SSL security on Active Admin management tool
  • Automated software update service
  • On-line portal support for analysis of event log transactions
  • Remote diagnostics and service center monitoring and analysis tool
  • System Compatibility
  • Intel Xserve and Mac Pro compatible
  • Requires one open PCIe slot per Innerpool Card
  • PCIe Slot Compatibility: single slot - 9.25” minimum slot length
  • 20 watt heat dissipation
  • Installed in pairs in Xsan Metadata Controllers
Interface Specifications
  • 2x 4Gb Fibre Channel SFP cage
  • Copper Fibre Channel Cable Support:
    • Active 2.9m Copper Fibre Channel Cable P/N ACSIC3MA02
    • Apple Copper Fibre Channel Cable P/N MA461G/A
  • Fiber Optic Cable Support:
    • LC/LC Multimode and Single Mode, up to SFP Supported Length
  • SFP Support:
    • Finisar P/N FTLF8528P2BNV
    • Finisar P/N FTLF8524P2BNL

Unmatched Metadata Storage Performance

  • Custom RAID Controller design provides low latency and high throughput for Metadata sizes
  • Large battery backed cache-flush guarantee maximum data security
  • Redundance Across the Board

  • Self-Contained RAID system installs as a redundant pair in server PCIe slots
  • Failover and failback are truly seamless
  • Native support for Mac OS X and Xsan
  • Battery-backed cache – will keep drives running until failover has completed in the event of server power fail
  • Active Storage Metadata optimized RAID 1 Mirror on Card HDD1 to HDD2
  • Active Storage Metadata Card-to-Card RAID 1 Mirror Card to Card Across FC interlink
  • Auto-setup and LUN support
  • Fully discoverable by Xsan 1.4 and later
  • Segmented 2GB Cache Memory per Card
  • Auto failover between HDDs on a Card
  • Auto failover between Cards
  • Auto failback and re-sync between Cards
  • Auto re-sync between Cards
  • Auto re-sync between HDDs after HDD replacement
  • Management for Today and Tomorrow

  • Apple-friendly native Mac OS X management suite
  • iPhone monitoring App (Available soon)
  • Bonjour discoverable out of the box
  • Set up pairs of Innerpool Cards with no scripting
  • Automated non-disruptive software updates


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