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Each PeSAN™ 3U rackmount storage shelf is a self-contained RAID subsystem using an internal high-performance, low-cost SAS RAID controller that plugs directly into the BlueStor™ PCIe slot in a removable I-O module. Using just 16 disk drives yields IOPS over 1 GB/s when connected to a host PCIe x4 or x8 slot. The PeSAN™ is supplied standard with a PCIe “external” adapter card which simply allows attachment of an external PCIe cable to a host server’s PCI Express bus.

By eliminating the requirement for a bridge conversion of parallel to serial bus technologies and using a serial bus all the way through from the host PCI bus to the disk drives, BlueStor™ provides the highest performance, widest-bandwidth storage in the industry at very low cost per GB. The elimination of bridges, and avoiding (parallel) SCSI, FibreChannel, Infiniband or other technologies requiring costly cables or switches yields high performance with fewer and lower-cost components.

BlueStor™ with PeSAN™ technology is expandable to 256 PCIe devices (4,096 disk drives) without performance degradation, using BlueStor™ PCIe Switches.

Like other BlueStor™ 3U rackmounts, this product is unique, using lightweight, low-cost high-technology resin disk canisters having integrated light pipes, latching handles and EMI shields – all interchangeable with other BlueStor™ units for easy maintenance and low spares cost. In fact, all FRUs including the hot-swappable blower modules and power supplies are interchangeable with the BlueStor™ 16-bay SAS Expander, and any SAS Expander may be field upgraded to PeSAN™ by replacing one plug-in module.

The PeSAN™ 3U rackmount is available as model PSAN-JS, PSAN-RS, PSAN-JS-8 or PSAN-RS-8.

The PCIe technology roadmap is clear and robust. Jump on the Blue Line and ride to the highest performance storage technology available.


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