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Outline DVS 12P

DVS 12P is a compact 2-way wide-range loudspeaker system with passive low-loss crossover with built-in overload protection. It comprises a 32 cm woofer for low and mid frequencies with a 76mm copper coil and a compression driver, fi tted with protection (in series) against incorrect connection 65mm titanium diaphragm with a 36 mm throat for high frequencies, horn-loaded with controlled directivity and wide dispersion. The enclosure can be mounted on an optional tripod stand, fl own from the ceiling and/or positioned on the fl oor as a stage monitor.

  • DVS series high effi ciency wide-range loudspeaker enclosure: 2-way system with passive crossover
  • Refl ex-loaded 12” woofer and compression driver with titanium diaphragm; horn with controlled directivity and wide dispersion (87° x 67° from 500 to 10000 Hz).
  • Trapezoidal cabinet with fl ying hardware on all panels to meet a wide range of mounting and flying requirements for fixed applications. Receptacle for fi tting support stand.
  • Designed for use as a stage monitor in a horizontal position (with two angles), as is the entire DVS range
  • Built in birch plywood with water-resistant phenolic glue.
  • Waterproof scratch-resistant black paint fi nish.
  • Filter bypass facility enables biamping, ensuring even better performance.
  • High SPL (133 dB peak SPL@ 1 m) from ultra-compact dimensions.

The low frequency loading is of the phase inversion type, with the tuned enclosure. The system’s uniform directivity from 500Hz to 4kHz has an average dispersion of 93° horizontal and 83° vertical and average wide-range sound coverage from 500 Hz to 10 KHz is 87° horizontal and 67° vertical. The acoustic reproduced bandwidth is 44 Hz to 20 kHz at -10 dB.
The frequency response of the complete system is +/-3dB from 70 Hz to 20 kHz. Flown in free-fi eld it has high average wide-range sensitivity, producing 97 dB SPL 1W/1m, (133dB SPL peak). The maximum allowed power is 400 Watt AES (1600 peak). The enclosure cabinet has a trapezoidal shape and is built by high quality 15 mm. Baltic phenolic glued plywood while the outer fi nish is in scratch-resistant, waterproof black paint. Filter bypass facility enables biamping, ensuring even better performance.

The cabinet has twelve M8 threaded mounting points to facilitate both vertical and horizontal fl ying by means of the appropriate optional hardware. The bottom of the cabinet has a threaded M20 steel receptacle, for fi tting an optional tubular support or tripod stand; practical integral side handles ensure a safe grip under all conditions. The perforated steel grille on the front of the enclosure is sound-transparent and has a weather-resistant black paint fi nish.


Applications with groups and bands. Near-fi eld stage monitoring for musical instruments and vocals. Acoustic drum monitoring with a dedicated (DVS series) DVS 115 SW subwoofer. Club and dance venues, used with a subwoofer or low frequency unit for backup. High quality sound reinforcement in gyms, aerobic/fi tness centres etc. Even wider high-dynamic application possibilities if used together with the dedicated DVS 115 SW subwoofer.

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