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MKV Microphone system

Soundfield MKV

The SoundField MKV is a fascinating "single point source" studio microphone system. The SoundField System is designed to capture all three dimensions of an acoustical event, based on a virtual "single point" of acoustic origin.

Soundfield MKV

To accomplish this requires a special capsule array and electronic processing working together. Sharing design principles with the entire 3 model SoundField family, the MKV has special features necessary for modifying microphone location in the post environment. The MKV is also the ultimate way within the SoundField product line to achieve a simultaneous B-Format and stereo XLR output, as the most complete expression of the SoundField concept.

MIKV overview

The MKV consists of two basic parts that work only together, a microphone and a SoundField Processor/Preamp. The microphonete consisting of a tetrahedral capsule array, combined with the SoundField Processor/Preamp, delivers a three dimensional representation of acoustical events with all 3 dimensions originating from the same central point. This is the core difference between SoundField and other stereo or multi-mike set-ups, in that all other microphone set-ups (other than a single mono mike) capture audio from different points in space. The 3 dimensional representation delivered by a SoundField is defined by X (front to back), Y (left to right), Z (up and down) and W (absolute pressure, like an omni). Collectively these four components are called "B-Format" and are delivered across four audio channels. While B-Format may be new to you, it is extremely important to the SoundField process, because B-Format requires that W/X/Y/Z all must begin from a central point in space to be phase accurate. Once in B-Format, the central point is defined, and all output variations (mono, stereo, Mid/Side) are derived using the same central point. Past problems such as stereo to mono summing revealing high frequency differences due to phase cancellation are gone.


When used in conjunction with the Surround Zone software or SP451 Surround Processor, the MKV System becomes a powerful self-contained Surround Sound recording package.

How does it sound?
While SoundField specializes in imaging, it is no less effective in the studio or the field for faithfully recording the sound exactly as it is without additional bass or high frequency. The MKV is a true "flat" performance microphone system free of sharp peaks or dips, bumps in response that change the tone of the real event. It is designed to be flat in distant miking situations, and sounds "warm" in close miking. It will compare favourably to the very best microphones in the world.


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