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UPM-1 Plug-In


UPM-1 Plug-In

UPM-1 Plug-In

The UPM-1 plug-in is, as the name suggests an all software implementation of the established UPM-1 stereo to 5.1 upmix hardware processor. Whilst the hardware UPM-1 is ideally suited to live broadcast applications, the new UPM-1 plug-in is designed to seamlessly integrate into a post-production workflow.

Soundfield UPM-1

It is available in VST(PC and Mac), RTAS (PC and Mac) and Mac only AU formats and is aimed - like the hardware original - at high-definition broadcasters who need to ensure that all of their material is transmitted in fold down compatible 5.1. This includes archived stereo material, stereo only broadcasts, effects and jingles, etc. The algorithm used in the plug-in is identical to that used in the hardware and thus follows the same upmix concepts, such as "if it is not in the stereo it shouldn't be in the surround" and "direct sound doesn't belong in the rear channels". The controls are identical to those found on the hardware unit except for the addition of the switchable rear channel delay and the selectable output formats.

Input mode select between Lo/Ro and Lt/Rt
Front Direct Sound (+/-6dB)
Front/Rear Ambient Sound (+/-6dB)
Centre Divergence
Switchable Rear Delay
Output format select between 3.0, 5.0 and 5.1


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