The 108.HSB is an 8″ subwoofer, designed to handle both indoor and outdoor applications where additional low frequency output is required. It is often paired with One Systems models 104.HTH 106.HTH, and 108.HTC. The 108.HSB is designed to be biamped and it offers the flexibility of low-impedance (8 ohm) or high-impedance (70.7 – 100 V) operation.


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108.HSB Platinum Hybrid Series Subwoofers

For optimum performance, the 108.HSB should be high-passed at 43 Hz. The 108.HSB’s enclosure uses marine-grade stainless steel suspension hardware and enclosure reinforcements plus a HYBRID stainless steel grille with marine capable coating. The 108.HSB also offers an array of optional marine-grade stainless steel suspension hardware including eyebolt rigging, U-Bracket, Pan / Tilt bracket and Pole Mount bracket for placement and aiming flexibility. Add solid, high-impact low end response to your system by adding the 108.HSB.

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  • Frequency Response: 43Hz – 150Hz
  • Coverage Pattern: Essentially Omnidirectional
  • Active Crossover Frequency : Recommended 100Hz (150Hz max)
  • Inputs: 4 position barrier (Low Z mode)
  • 5 position barrier (Hi Z mode)
  • System Sensitivity: 88dB (half space) (1 watt-1 meter)
  • Power Handling: 200 watts Continuous 400 watts Program 800 watts Peak*
    * NOTE: All system power handling rating are amplifier headroom dependent
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (Low Z mode)
  • High Impedance mode: One Systems 8-inch woofer
    High Impedance power taps: 150W, 75W, 37W (70Vrms) 150W, 75W (100Vrms)
    NOTE: An active 4th order Butterworth high pass filter with a corner frequency of 43Hz should be used on all systems applications. This applies to both low impedance (Low Z mode) and 70V/100V operation (Hi Z mode).
  • For bi-amp operation the suggested filters are:
    4th order Butterworth high pass………43Hz
    4th order Linkwitz-Riley low pass……100Hz or higher
  • System Components:
    – Low Frequency: ONE SYSTEMS 8” (1 each)
    – High Frequency: N/A

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