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Combining the power and sound associated with AMS Neve consoles with the monitoring and integration of workstation controllers, the DMC is an affordable world-class post production system engineered for the time critical requirements of television, DVD, multi-media and feature film mixing. Whether you use the DMC to power your post, music or film room you will be safe in the knowledge that you are keeping company with the world’s most successful and prestigious studios.

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High PCM sampling rates, DXD mixing and 40 bit floating point processing provide the digital route to the ultimate in mix quality.

The DMC processing system uses AMS Neve’s fourth generation XSP modular processing cards. The XSP cards provide the processing power for all signal processing, mixing and routing functions. Soft configuration enables the console to be tailored to suit the requirements of individual projects. Comprehensive processing in each channel is provided in the standard packages.

The input/output system provides analogue and digital audio connections to other equipment. The console processing system is connected to one or more modular I/O racks via MADI multichannel connections. Interfaces are available in a wide range of formats, including 24-bit analogue conversion, and AES-EBU digital. Integral support for the MADI standard means that MADI-equipped routers and digital multitracks can be connected directly.

Control Surface

The DMC is our most intuitive and compact digital audio console. Channel strip features are easily and rapidly accessible, maintaining the right balance of user feedback of channel parameters and automation status while providing direct control on input and mix with touch sensitive controllers, strip by strip routing buttons and display.

Patented logicators provide the industry’s most elegant solution to the control and display of function such as EQ. The rotary shaft encode r includes an LED display within the knob itself. The display can be illuminated in several different ways, depending on the parameters, giving ‘at a glance’ confirmation of setting and status.

Enhanced visual feedback is provided by high resolution TFT monitors powered by AMS Neve’s proprietary ViewMix engine, allowing you for the first time to see, hear and feel your mix. WavTrak display of audio track data (by channel) is the most significant innovation of its type since scrolling waveforms, providing the user with level and dynamics metering, graphical EQ curve and audio waveform information on a path-by-path basis.


Encore:2 is the latest generation of the acclaimed Encore automation, delivering revolutionary new Reconform and Mix Import features as well as Automation in Stop and Mix Audition. Star Command provides effortless control of Pro Tools™, Nuendo, Pyramix™ and Oasis™ systems, including plug ins, from the console surface via HUI™.

Encore:2 Automation Reconform delivers efficient workflow as picture re-cuts go up to the last possible moment. Change lists are taken into Encore:2 and the mix automation re-conformed to match the new cut, significantly reducing the workload on the Mixer and allowing the Director freedom to make creative changes right up to the dub.Integrated automation re-conform. Integrates with AMS Neve CineFile / AudioFile SCX for simultaneous automation and audio re-conform.

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